Getting Started With Integrations

Callingly aims to reduce the time between receiving a new lead and making first contact with them. You need to connect Callingly to your lead source through one of our integrations to do this. Whenever a new lead comes in, Callingly will receive the information and start making phone calls.

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Tip: You can read more about the outbound call flow here.

How Integrations Work

All integrations are set up and configured on the Integrations page of the Callingly platform. Each integration sends lead information to Callingly to begin an outbound call to the lead.

Callingly routes each lead to a Team selected during the integration setup. You can mix and match lead sources and the teams that take the calls.

With one-way integrations — such as Jotform and webhooks — Callingly will start calls when a new lead comes in. For two-way integrations with CRMs — like ActiveCampaign and HubSpot — Callingly will sync call data, recordings, and lead owners back to the CRM after a call.

Supported Integrations

We currently offer 20+ native integrations, with more on the way! For help with a specific integration, you can find articles for each platform in our knowledge base's Integrations & API section.

We're also integrated with Zapier! That allows you to connect to thousands of platforms we aren't (yet) integrated with.

Next Steps

After you connect your integration, please be sure to add your users and set their availability schedule. You can also peek at our article Getting Started With A Free Trial to ensure you've done all the recommended steps to set up your account.

Of course, if you need any help, please get in touch with us.

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