Getting Started with a Free Trial

Callingly offers a 14-day free trial for all new subscribers with access to all our features and unlimited calls  for as many users as you want. Once the trial is over, upgrade to a monthly plan to keep using the service. It’s that simple!

This article will walk you through creating your account and the basics of setup, so you can make the most of your free trial.

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Create An Account

Creating an account in Callingly is a fairly easy process. Head to and click the Get Started link in the top right corner, or follow this link to get to the registration page.



From the registration page, you can sign up either by clicking the Sign up with Google button or by filling out a form with your

  • Company name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password of choice

Add your phone number

During the signup process, you’ll be asked to add your phone number. This step is required. This phone number is used as the default number that will receive phone calls from leads until you’ve finished configuring your teams.


Try the demo

This is optional, but it’s a great way to experience how Callingly will work once your account is fully configured and you start receiving leads.


Choose your integration

On this page, select the product that functions as your lead source. If you don’t see your software listed, click Other to fill in something else.


Click Continue

to begin the process of setting up your integration.

Connect Callingly To Your Lead Source

In a nutshell, Callingly works by receiving a lead from your lead source and taking over the call flow to better automate the full process — from the initial call to all of the follow-ups.

Callingly offers dozens of integrations, each with its own setup process. For help setting up your specific tool, head over to the Integrations section of our knowledge base, where you can find an article pertaining to the software of your choice.

It is impossible to use Callingly without setting up your lead source. That means setting up your integration is imperative to make full use of your trial.

Test the integration

To test the integration, you’ll want to create a new fake lead inside of the software that you integrated with. You’ll want to create that lead through whatever process will cause your workflow to trigger — the one you set up that contains Callingly.


Pam is using Callingly through HubSpot, her company’s chosen CRM. When she connected Callingly to HubSpot, she added it to an existing workflow, having Callingly begin the call flow as a result of a lead filling out a form.

Since Pam's workflow is triggered when a form is filled out, she’ll want to fill out that form with fake lead information, so the call flow can be tested. Doing so should automatically trigger a Callingly call, which will route the phone call to the phone number she provided during account registration.

Once you know the integration is working, it’s time to add your Users and create your Team inside Callingly.

Tip: It’s easier to test the integration if you use a different phone number for your fake lead. If your office number is associated with your Callingly account, use your cell number or home number as your fake lead’s phone number. This will make it easier for the lines to connect so that you can experience the process from both your perspective and your lead’s perspective.

Add your Users

Once you’ve set up your integration, you’ll want to add Users to your Callingly account. We recommend using a small number of Users while you’re getting things set up, and then adding more later.

To add a User:

Head over to the Users page of your Callingly account.
Click the New User button in the top right corner.
Fill in the User details. First name, phone number, user role, and login email are the only required fields.
Click the Create button to save the User in the system.

For more information about adding agents and role types, take a look at our full article Creating & Managing Users.

Create your Team

Once you’ve added some Users, you’ll want to set up at least one Team.

A Callingly Team is a group of people who will work from the same lead pool — irrespective of individual team member time zones — that can be handled through the routing schedule that you’ll set up next.


Pam's company breaks sales leads into two different types: small- to medium-level prospects and enterprise-level prospects.

Some team members only focus on the small to medium leads, some focus only on the enterprise leads, and some work on both sets of leads.

Pam will set up two teams in Callingly, adding each User to their respective Team.

To set up a Team:

Head over to the Teams page of your Callingly account.
Click the New Team button in the top right corner.
Name the Team.
Decide if the Team will receive the lead Simultaneously or Round Robin.
Add Users and give optional priority.
Click Save.

These instructions are pretty quick and dirty, but you can see a full step-by-step guide, with in-depth explanations of round robin vs. simultaneous, priority settings, and the like in our full article Creating & Managing Teams.

Set Your Team’s Call Schedule

Once you populate your Team with Users, it’s crucial that you set up the Team’s call schedule — after all, you don’t want your Users getting phone calls at three in the morning!

Callingly’s schedule can take myriad things into account, including:

  • Call restriction during certain days and times - on the Team and User level
  • Retry schedule and number of retries
  • Follow-up schedule and number of follow-ups
  • What to do if the team is offline
  • Lead owner routing

We recommend looking at our full article Setting Availability Schedules for further information about setting this up.

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