Creating & Managing Users

Users are members of your organization who have access to Callingly or who receive calls from Callingly. Account Owners and Admins can create and manage all aspects of a User’s account, including resetting passwords. This article discusses the details of user accounts.

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Create Users

You can add new Users to your account from the Users page.

Click the New User button in the top right corner of the screen. A panel will slide open on the right side of the page.
Fill in the User’s first and last name. The last name isn’t required but is highly suggested.
Fill in the User’s phone number and extension, if applicable.
Select a Role for the User. Callingly will automatically default to the Agent role. You only need to change this if you want to. You can explore the permissions of each Role in our guide, Understanding & Changing User Roles.
Add a login email. If you’ve chosen to give this User the Phone Only role, skip to step 6.

Select a Team from the dropdown menu to add the User to.

Caution: You must pick a team! If you don’t choose a Team, your new User will not be added to any teams or receive phone calls.
Toggle email notifications on or off. If you turn off notifications, the User will not receive call- and lead-related notifications via email. They’ll still receive emails from us in the event of a password reset or other essential matters.
Press the Create button to save your new User information.

Manage Users

To view active Users, head to your Users page in the left side panel of your Callingly account. This page will provide you with a table of information about each of your Users, such as their name, phone number, login email, role, and whether they are currently available, online, or in do not disturb mode.

This page will also give you several buttons for managing each User, a search bar to quickly find a specific User, and filters to narrow down the table to only those Users with a particular Availability, Status, or Role.

Filtering Users


There are three Availability options to filter from:

  • Available. This means that the User is scheduled to be available to receive calls per their User or Team schedule.
  • Not Available.
  • On Call. The User is currently on a call with a lead.


There are two Status options to filter from:

  • On Desktop. The user is logged into the Callingly Desktop app and will receive calls there.
  • On Phone. The user is configured to accept calls on their phone.


There are four Role options to filter from. Roles are discussed in detail in our article Understanding & Changing User Roles.

Edit A User

You can edit a User from the Users page of your Callingly account.

Click the editEdit button to the right of the relevant User. A panel will slide open on the side of the page.
Change any fields necessary. You can change any editable fields, reset the User’s password, or turn off various notifications.
Press the Save button to save your changes.
Tip: Want to change your User from a Phone Only Role to a full Agent with a Callingly login? Our article Understanding & Changing User Roles discusses this under the heading Create a login for a Phone Only Agent.

Editable User Fields

You can change any of the following fields for your Users:

  • First Name. The first name of the User
  • Last Name. The last name of the User
  • Phone Number. The phone number where the User should receive their Callingly calls.
  • Extension. If applicable, the extension for the User’s direct line.
  • Role. The role of the User. For more details, see our article Understanding & Changing User Roles.
  • Login Email. The email address used to log in to their Callingly account.
  • Integration User. The name that is associated with the User’s CRM profile. Typically, this will be the same name used for Callingly, but not always. For example, Pam is named Pam Halpert in Callingly, but she forgot to update her last name in HubSpot when she changed her name after getting married. Her HubSpot name is Pam Beesley.
  • Caller ID. The phone number you’d like your Leads to see when this User calls. You can choose from the User’s phone number or any purchased numbers associated with your account.
  • Custom ID. This is typically used for internal purposes, such as an employee ID in your company’s commission tracking system. You can put that number here.
  • Toggles. On / Off toggles to enable or disable various options for a User. There are five different types of toggles.
    • Email Notifications. Notifications via email of calls occurring or voicemails being left.
    • Web Notification. Turning this on will allow notifications of calls and voicemails to pop up in your browser even if you’re not actively on the Callingly website.
    • Mobile App. Turning this on will cause calls to only come to the User through their Callingly mobile app.
    • SMS Notifications. Turning this on will allow lead information to be texted to your cell phone after you’ve accepted a call. This way, it’s more readily available to you during your call.
    • Desktop App Only. Turning this on will cause calls to only come to the User through their Callingly desktop app.

Change a User’s password

When editing a User, you have the option to reset their password. Click the lock_openReset Password button to have Callingly email the User with a new password.

Tip: The new password doesn’t expire, but we recommend syncing up with your User before doing this so they can log in quickly and change their password to something else for security purposes.

Delete Users

When you delete a user from Callingly:

  • Any leads assigned to that User will become unassigned. Follow-up calls to those leads will instead be sent to the Team as a whole and then assigned based on your account’s Lead Owner assignment settings.
  • The deleted user will still appear in reports for the period they were active in Callingly.

How to delete a user

Warning: Deleting a User is permanent and the action cannot be undone. Be 100% certain you're deleting the person you want.

You can delete a user from the Users page of your Callingly account. Simply click the deletered trash can button associated with the User you’d like to delete and confirm in the following pop-up.

Common Questions

Can I temporarily deactivate a user if they will be on leave?

You can’t deactivate a user if they will be on leave, but you can place them on Do Not Disturb to ensure they aren’t receiving calls while they’re out.

My user receives an error when trying to accept the invitation or reset their password. What should I do?

For security purposes, invitation and password reset links are only valid for a limited time. If the validity time for the link has passed, you’ll need to send another invitation or password reset link. We suggested coordinating with the user before doing this so that they can check for the email in a more timely manner.

Remember that users can generate password reset emails themselves. Simply have them head to the password reset page to request one.

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