The Plans We Offer

At Callingly, we strive to keep things simple and transparent, so you can spend less time on logistics and more time selling. Because the faster you connect with your leads, the more sales you make.

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Plans Offered

We offer three monthly plans: Business, Agency, and Enterprise.

Business Agency Enterprise
Base Cost $49 per month $249 per month Contact us
Users included 2 10 Contact us
Additional users $25 each $25 each Contact us
Inbound number $3 each $3 each Contact us
Business Agency Enterprise
Unlimited calls check check check
Unlimited US Minutes check check check
Unlimited Leads check check check
Email based support check check check
Desktop App check check check
Native Integrations check check check
API Access check check check
White labeling   check check
Custom Domain   check check
Custom Integrations     check
Custom Terms     check
Priority Phone Support     check
Custom Service Level Agreement     check

Cancelation Policy

Callingly is always month-to-month with no annual contracts. You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you want to do so, visit our Guide To Your Plan & Billing. Upon canceling, your subscription will remain active until the end of your currently paid month. Once your subscription ends, your account will be closed.

Explanation of Features


Give your team members only the access they need by choosing from four different roles:

  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Agent
  • Phone Only

Find out more about each user role in our article Understanding & Changing User Roles

Inbound phone numbers

You’ll receive inbound leads through a phone number set up specifically for this purpose. Purchase new numbers from us or port in your old number. Each number is only $3 a month for line access. You can read more about phone numbers in our article Purchasing & Setting Up Phone Numbers

Unlimited calls

This means both unlimited inbound calls — where the lead calls you — and outbound calls — where you call the lead.

Unlimited US minutes

When we say unlimited, we mean unlimited. Use 5 minutes or 50,000 hours of talk time each month. It makes no difference to us.

If you're not in the US, you can still use Callingly! We use Twilio to manage our telephony services, so the standard rates for Twilio in your country are applicable. Specifically, the rates are those found near the bottom of the page under the heading IN DEPTH.

Unlimited Leads

You didn’t pay extra to keep your contacts in an address book, so why should you pay just to store their information in your software? Not only can you store an unlimited number of leads, but we also link updates back to your lead source — typically, that’s a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot — so there’s less need for your agents to be jumping between tools.

Native Integrations

Callingly is most useful when paired with an integration. We currently offer 21 native app integrations. You can see a full list of our native integrations in our knowledge base here. One of those integrations is Zapier, giving you access to an extra 5000+ apps to connect to Callingly.

API Access

Simply put, Callingly is most useful when it’s automatically receiving Lead information from your lead source. But we fully acknowledge that we can’t possibly integrate with every platform, especially if you’re using your own custom-built CRM. This is why we provide API Access to all accounts.

If you want to use Callingly in a custom manner, you can use our API to do just that. You can find our API documentation here

Note: If you’re unfamiliar with APIs, you’ll need to have an in-house developer who is familiar with REST APIs to build your custom API setup. While our team can provide help, we do not offer custom API services.

Desktop app

Our desktop app allows your Users to receive calls on their computer and be connected to a Lead without having to answer the call on their phone. It also prevents users from needing to keep Callingly open in a separate browser tab — one less tab is always nice, right?

Read more about it in our article Using The Callingly Desktop App.

White Labeling & Custom Domain

Our agency account provides access to White Labeling. This is primarily geared toward marketing agencies or other companies wanting to offer Callingly’s services to their clients, allowing them to act as if Callingly is their own in-house software. Your white-labeled account can even live on your own domain, so your users will never know.

You can read more in depth about the Agency plan and white labeling in our article Whitelabel Callingly With An Agency Plan.

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