Understanding & Changing User Roles

Callingly offers four user roles: Owner, Admin, Manager, and Agent. Additionally, Agent roles provide the option of a Callingly login or phone-only, discussed in more depth below. 

All user roles are available on all plans, and each additional user costs the same amount, regardless of their role. Here we will discuss the access level provided to each role and how to change roles.

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User Roles and Permissions

These are the default settings for user roles in Callingly. To change them, see the heading Add or Remove Permissions.


An Agent’s primary use of Callingly is to contact new Leads, so Agents can access basic functionality. By default, agents can access the following platform areas:

  • Dashboard: To see recent calls placed by team members and download the desktop app
  • Calls: To see their scheduled calls and their team’s call history
  • Leads: To add new, search for, call, manage, or delete a lead
  • My Account: To manage their account settings, including their name, phone number, email, and notification settings, as well as change their password.

Owners and Admins can also provide Agents with access to the My Schedule page, allowing each agent to modify their own schedule and change their Do Not Disturb status. To grant this access, from the Callingly dashboard:

Head to the Settings page.
Flip the toggle On for the header Allow Users Schedule Control.

Phone Only Agents

A Phone Only Agent can be included in call flows and interact with Callingly through Whispertext messages.

However, Phone Only Users do not receive a Callingly login. They cannot view call history, initiate calls through the app, or update Lead information.


A Manager has access to everything an Agent does, plus the following platform areas:

  • Reports: To see various metrics around inbound and outbound calls and leads
  • Clients (for Agency accounts): To add and manage clients as Agency Account users
  • Users: To manage users only in their teams and see their call history


An Admin has access to everything a Manager does, plus the following areas of the platform:

  • Integrations: To connect and manage various integrations
  • Numbers: To purchase and manage numbers as well as verify caller IDs
  • Teams: To create and manage Teams and their schedules
  • Users: To add and manage Users and their schedules
  • Settings: To manage settings of the team account, add and edit fields, and set up tags & stages


The Owner has access to everything in your Callingly account. In addition to everything an Admin can do, the Owner can access the following areas of the platform:

  • Billing: To change and manage payment methods, view billing information, and change or cancel the plan
There can only be one Owner.

Change User Roles

Only Owners and Admins can add or edit users.
Navigate to the Users page of the Callingly account.
Click the editEdit button next to the User you’d like to edit.
Select the new role from the dropdown menu under the Role heading.
Click the Save button in the lower right corner to save your changes.

The User’s new role will be assigned immediately.

Create a login for a Phone Only Agent

If you feel your Phone Only Agent would benefit from access to a Callingly account, you can provide them with a login. To do so

Navigate to the Users page of the Callingly account.
Click the account_box Create Login button in the Login Email column for the user you'd like to give a login to.
Add the First and Last name of the User if not already done.
Type in the User’s email address. They’ll use this email address to log in.
Select the appropriate role if you want to change it. Otherwise, leave it as Agent.
Toggle the Email Notifications switch On or Off based on your preference. They’ll still receive the notice that their account was created if you toggle this Off.
Click the Create Login button to finish the process.

The Agent will receive an email from Callingly within a few minutes to welcome them and provide further instructions.

Transfer account ownership

The account owner’s permissions cannot be edited in the app, nor can ownership be transferred. To transfer ownership of the account to another user, the account owner needs to email us from the email address they use to login to Callingly.

Please include who should be assigned as the new owner and what should be done with the existing owner’s login — should the user be deleted or take on a new role? If a new Role, what should it be: Admin, Manager, or Agent?

Common Questions

What happens if our account owner is no longer available?

If the Owner has left the company before requesting an ownership transfer, please have an account Admin get in touch. We’ll take steps to put your company’s account back in the right hands.

Who can update our credit card or change our plan?

Only the Owner can view or edit billing information.

My Agent is currently Phone Only but needs a login. What do I do?

You can give your Phone Only Agent a login by heading to the Users panel and hitting the Create Login button under the Login Email column for the Agent in question. We provide more information for this under Create a login for a phone-only agent.

Can I remove an Agent’s login, making them Phone Only?

Not directly in the app. If you need to do this, give us a shout so we can help.

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