Integrate Callingly With Zoho

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Callingly connects to your Zoho account, instantly triggering calls when you tag a lead.

supervisor_account Owners and Admins can enable integrations. Approx. reading time 3 min.

We also recommend checking with Zoho about the user access needed to connect integrations on their side.

Connect Callingly to Zoho

Navigate to the Integrations page on the Callingly dashboard.
Hit the Connect button next to the Zoho integration option. You’ll be redirected to a Zoho page containing information about the integration.

Click the orange Install button in the top right corner of the screen. A pop-up will appear to confirm the installation.

Note: If you’re not logged in, you’ll be taken to Zoho’s login page first.
Confirm the installation following the onscreen prompts.
Click the Install button. You’ll be redirected to another page.
Check the boxes to agree to the  Terms of Service and to  Authorize Callingly.
Click the Install Now button. The page will redirect to your Zoho account with a pop-up.
Click the green Authorize link in the pop-up titled  Callingly for Zoho CRM. Another pop-up will appear temporarily, followed by a success notification.
Click Finish. You’ll remain in your Zoho CRM, so this is the perfect time to set up your tag.

Set Up Your Tag

The integration between Zoho and Callingly starts when you add a tag to a contact record in your Zoho account. This means we’ll need to create a new tag in Zoho and tell Callingly what that tag is.

Connecting Callingly to Zoho leaves you inside your Zoho account. So let's do the Zoho setup before heading back to Callingly.

Create a tag in Zoho

Click on Leads in the top navigation bar.
Select the Actions dropdown in the right corner of the screen.
Click Manage Tags. You’ll be taken to the Manage Tags page.
Hit the blue New Tag button in the right corner of the screen. A new window will pop up titled Add Tags.
Type in the tag you’d like to initiate calls in Callingly. We’re going to use Callingly - Start Call as an example.
Highlight and copy the tag to save it to your clipboard. We’ll use this shortly.
Click the Save button. A green notification should appear telling you Tag(s) added successfully.

Setup your tag & settings in Callingly

Now you’ll want to head back to Callingly to finish setting up your tag as well as configuring a few other options.

To locate these,  click Settings next to the Zoho integration in Callingly.


The name of your integration. If using multiple instances of an integration with the same app, it’s a good idea to change this to something more descriptive.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Text input box Enter up to 250 alphanumeric characters Zoho


This is where you’ll paste the tag you just created in Zoho! Tagging a Contact with this Tag in Zoho will start a call through Callingly.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Text input box Enter up to 250 alphanumeric characters Callingly - Start Call
Caution: This is case-sensitive, meaning it must match the tag you used in Zoho.


Leads sent to this integration will be routed to this Team.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Dropdown menu Each team in your account Primary team

Field Mapping

The field names in Callingly correspond to the fields associated with Leads in Zoho. You'll select the appropriate field from the dropdown menu based on the information you're using in Zoho. These include Callingly default fields and any custom fields you have added.

Callingly Field Name Default Zoho Field Used
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address

Remember to save your changes when finished!

Video Walkthrough

Automate Tagging in Zoho

It’s best to create an automated tagging option in Zoho to send new leads to Callingly automatically. We recommend adding the tag to website form submissions so that a lead is automatically tagged when they send you information. You can also create other automations that you might use for new inbound leads.

Zoho’s knowledge base will be the best source of information on how to do this.

Caution: If you don’t automate tagging in Zoho, leads will only be sent to Callingly if someone manually adds the tag to a lead in Zoho.

Next Steps

  1. Test the integration. Add your start call tag to a test lead in your Zoho account. You should receive a slide-in notification in Callingly. You should also receive a call on your phone. When you answer the call, Callingly will ask you to press 1 to call your new lead. After the call, Callingly will add the call recording to the notes section of the contact record in Zoho.
  2. Set the call schedule. Once you've added your team, you'll want to set the schedule for when they can receive calls. This way, nobody will receive a call outside of work hours.
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