Integrate Callingly with Pipedrive

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Callingly connects to your Pipedrive account, triggering calls to your Contacts through stages in Pipedrive.

supervisor_account Owners and Admins can enable integrations. Approx. reading time 4 min.

We also recommend that you check with Pipedrive about the user access you need to connect integrations on their side.

Connect Callingly to Pipedrive

Navigate to the Integrations page on the Callingly dashboard.
Hit the Connect button next to the Pipedrive integration option. You’ll be redirected to a new screen.

Press the Continue to the App button to confirm the connection. The Pipedrive link will take place, and you’ll be redirected back to Callingly.

Note: If you’re not logged in, you’ll be taken to Pipedrive’s login page first.

Setup Stage and Settings

Now that your integration is installed, you need to set up a few options. This is where you can also change options in the future.

To locate these,  click Settings next to the Pipedrive integration in Callingly.


The name of your integration. If using multiple instances of an integration with the same app, it’s a good idea to change this to something more descriptive.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Text input box Enter up to 250 alphanumeric characters Pipedrive


Leads sent to this integration will be routed to this Team.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Dropdown menu Each team in your account Primary Team

Sync Calls to Pipedrive

Turning this on creates a note in Pipedrive with a statement that the call happened and a link to the call.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Two-way Toggle Off and On On

Sync Lead Owner to Pipedrive

This will sync the Lead Owner’s information in Callingly back to Pipedrive. This happens whether the info is changed manually or automatically after a user connects with a Lead for the first time.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Two-way Toggle Off and On Off


Choose the deal stage in Pipedrive that you would like to use to trigger a lead to be called through Callingly.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Dropdown menu All stages in your Pipedrive account

Field Mapping

The field names in Callingly correspond to the fields associated with {name} records in Pipedrive. You'll select the appropriate field from the dropdown menu based on the information you're using in Pipedrive. These include Callingly default fields and any custom fields you have added.

Callingly Field Name Default HubSpot Field Used
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address


Remember to save your changes when you’re finished!

Sync Lead Owner

You'll need to complete these steps to have your Lead Owners synced between Callingly and Pipedrive.

To do this, from your Callingly dashboard:

Go to the Users page of your Callingly account.
Click the editEdit button for the User you want to change.
Select the correct user via the dropdown menu under the  HubSpot User heading.
Save your changes.
Repeat these steps for every Callingly User.

When a Lead with a Deal Owner is synced into Callingly, the Lead will maintain that relationship with your User as the deal owner.

Test Your Integration

We have connected our Pipedrive account and used the Pipedrive Deal Stage  Lead In to trigger calls in Callingly. When a new deal in Pipedrive enters the Lead In stage, the associated lead with will automatically enter the outbound call flow to receive calls.

To test this from the deals page of your Pipedrive account:

Click theaddplus symbol under the desired stage. In our case, Lead In. A new window will pop up titled Add deal.
Enter a Contact person to associate with the deal. We recommend using yourself or someone from your organization so that it’s okay if they get a call from Callingly.
Give the deal a title. While it doesn’t matter what the title is, we recommend something descriptive, so you know why it was created.
Add a phone number for the lead if it doesn’t already exist.
Press Save. Callingly should begin dialing the new lead within seconds.

Common Questions

How do I sync the lead owner to Pipedrive?

You can do this by heading over to the Users page in Callingly and editing the user you want to modify. Look for the Pipedrive User field box and select the user from the dropdown menu. When a Lead is synced into Callingly, the Lead will maintain that relationship with your user as the lead owner.

How do I use multiple stages to send calls to different teams?

You can do this by setting up a second instance of the Pipedrive integration. You can have as many instances as you like: use a unique Stage for each instance. Just so you know, the same Team can be used for different Stages, but each Stage can only be used for one Team.

For example,  Lead In and Prospect Qualified are both lead stages in our Pipedrive account. Both stages can be used to call the Scranton Team, or one can be used to contact the Scranton Team, while the other calls the Stamford Team. However, Lead In cannot be used to call the Scranton and Stamford teams.

Tip: Be sure to rename each version of the integration, too! This will make it easier to know immediately which integration does what if you need to change something in the future.
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