Whitelabel Callingly with An Agency Plan

Primarily geared toward marketing agencies or other companies wanting to offer Callingly’s services to their clients, allowing them to act as if Callingly is their own in-house software, our Agency plan provides access to white labeling. Your whitelabeled account can even live on a custom domain, so your users will never know.

supervisor_accountOwners and Admins can manage Agency plans. Approx. reading time 7 min.

Costs & Billing

Agency accounts start at $249 per month and include ten users. Each additional user is $25 per month. We only charge per user — no client account fees here! So whether you have 100 clients with one user each or one client with 100 users, the cost is the same for you.

Remember that we charge $3 per phone number per month — the more clients you have, the more phone numbers you’ll likely need to pay for. Just be sure to factor that in when you’re working out your fee schedule for your clients.

Tip: Check out our article, The Plans We Offer to ensure you’re up-to-date on our rates so you can factor everything into your pricing.

We bill you → you bill them.

Callingly will never interact with your clients for any reason, so there won’t be any confusion about who’s running the show — you! That means we bill you, and you bill them, leaving you in complete control of what you charge them.

What’s Included in the Agency Plan?

The Agency plan allows you to brand our services as your own through two additional features: a client dashboard and whitelabeling so that your client’s accounts are branded with your business’s look and feel, including using your company’s domain.

Using The Client Dashboard

The client dashboard allows you to create separate, isolated sub-accounts for each of your customers. On the client dashboard, you can: 1 add new clients,2enable/disable clients, 3 log in as the client, 4edit client information, 5or delete clients. You can also see the total number of active users in your sub-accounts to quickly know how many users you’ll be billed for that month.

Add a new client

To add a new client to your account from the Client dashboard:

Click the New Client button in the top right corner.
Add the client’s details. You can add the account owner’s first and last name, email address, company name, phone number, company logo, primary company color, and a temporary password.
Check or uncheck the Send email notifications box based on whether you’d like the client to see notifications pertinent to leads.
Click the Create Client button when you’re finished.

The client will receive an email with their new account information within a few minutes.

Edit client information

To edit an existing client from the Client dashboard:

Click the editEdit button next to the client you’d like to edit.
Edit the client’s details. You can edit the account owner's first and last name, email address, company name, logo, and primary company color.
Press the Update Client button when you’re finished.

Enabling/Disabling clients

Perhaps your client needs to catch up on payments, and you need to get their attention. Or maybe they’re suspending services with the intent of coming back. You don’t want to be billed for something they aren’t paying you for, but you don’t want to remove all their account information.

In situations like these, we recommend disabling the account. Doing so will prevent your client from being able to log in to their account and you from being billed for their Users. Once they’re ready to resume services, re-enable the account.

To disable or enable an account from your Client dashboardclick the enabled toggle for the correct client. The client is enabled when the toggle is switched to the right and blue. Switched to the left, and gray means they’re disabled.

Login as a client

If your client contacts you needing help setting up or troubleshooting something in their account, you can log in to Callingly as them. To log in as your client from your Client dashboard:

Click the Login as Client button next to the name of the client you’d like to work with. The page will immediately redirect to the Dashboard of your client’s account. From here, you can freely navigate through their account.

To return to your own account:

Click the account owner’s name in the lower left corner.
Click your business name to return to your account when you're finished.

Delete clients

If you accidentally added a client or have no intention of working together again, you can delete them from the system. To do so, on the Client dashboard, click the deletered trash can button next to the client’s details. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up message.

Warning: This action cannot be undone, so don’t use it unless you’re sure! Disabling the client is a much safer choice.

User count

Since you’re billed per User, we provide a count so that you can quickly know how many Users you’re paying for each month. This number is found on the client dashboard, and it’s the total of all your client accounts' users.

To see this, navigate to the client dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the client list. The number is in the bottom left corner.


Whitelabeling allows you to put Callingly on your domain and control the name, logo, and colors that appear for your client’s accounts. Once whitelabeled, there is no indication that your client’s accounts are powered by Callingly.

Set your whitelabel settings

You can choose your custom domain and set up your color and logo from the account settings page under the heading Whitelabel & Custom Domain.

Note: The company name that your clients will see is the company name set for your Agency account.

Custom Domain

You’ll need to take additional steps to set up the custom domain. Please see the section Setup your custom domain for more information.

You can upload the logo you’d like your clients to see when logging into their accounts. This logo will appear in the top left corner of their accounts, like the Callingly logo in the top left corner of your account.

We accept .gif, .jpg, and .png file types. Files can be up to 10 MB. Callingly will automatically resize the image to fit the app's needed parameters.

Primary Color

Your primary color will replace the dark blue color used by Callingly. You can enter a hex or RGBA value or choose a color from the color selector.

Setup your custom domain

The custom domain is the URL where you’d like your clients to login and work within their Callingly accounts. Contact our support team with the URL you’d like to use for your custom domain. We’ll do what needs to happen on our side and let you know when it’s been done. Please allow us one business day to make this happen.

We recommend using something like app., login., or sales. but it can be any word or string of letters like hippopotamus. or saskatchewan. For example, app.dundermifflin.com, sales.dundermifflin.com, or saskatchewan.dundermifflin.com

Be aware: This is only part of the custom domain process. You’ll need access to your domain records to finish the setup.

Once you’ve chosen the custom domain in Callingly, you need to create a CNAME record pointing to whitelabel.callingly.com in your domain host. If you don’t know who hosts your domain — or you don’t have access — you’ll want to talk to whoever handles your company’s website.

To create your custom domain from your domain host account:

Create a new CNAME record
Set the hostname as the subdomain you’ve chosen in Callingly. If you use app.yourdomain.com, you’ll set the hostname to app. Depending on your hosting provider, you may or may not need to include the dot.
Enter the points to target name as whitelabel.callingly.com
Leave the TTL at its default value. If the TTL doesn’t have a default value, set it to 15 minutes. If your domain host doesn’t allow you to edit the TTL, you don’t need to do anything here.
Save your changes.

Your domain host can give you a more accurate timeframe for the CNAME record to propagate fully across the internet, but it shouldn’t take any longer than 24 hours. Usually, it’s less than an hour. Once propagated, going to your custom domain will prompt you to log in to a version of Callingly with your company's brand. If you’re getting an error, check that your CNAME was set up correctly.

Check your CNAME setup for accuracy

To do this:

Navigate to whatsmydns.net/#CNAME/
Type in your custom domain in the box labeled www.example.com
Choose CNAME from the dropdown menu if it isn’t already chosen.
Click the Search button.
If you only see check...

Your domain was set up correctly, if the text next to each location reads whitelabel.callingly.com checklike in the screenshot below.

If you see a mix of check and close...

That means you’ve set up your domain correctly, but full propagation hasn’t yet occurred. Just keep waiting!

If you only see close...

Something wasn’t set up correctly. You’ll need to contact your domain host for help.

If you see check, but not whitelabel.callingly.com...

Then your Points to / Destination / Target name was set incorrectly. Log back into your domain host and double-check the details.

Common Questions

Will my clients know I’m using Callingly to provide services to them?

Nope! Callingly Agency plans are fully white-labeled, meaning your clients see your branding.

How do I bill my clients for Callingly services?

Callingly stays out of the billing process between you and your customers. We suggest monthly charges based on users or usage, but that is your choice. You’ll need to issue invoices to them or set up a payment portal outside of Callingly to collect payments.

What do I do if my client needs technical support?

We provide you with the ability to login to your client’s accounts and complete documentation of our platform. This combination allows you to support your clients as quickly as possible because you can see what they’re experiencing and research ways to help them without Callingly’s involvement.

Of course, if you still can’t find the answers to their questions or they’re experiencing something unintended, you can still come to us. We’ll help you so you can help your clients.

My client is behind on their payment to me. What can I do?

You can disable their account until they catch up. This will prevent them from being able to login and use further services. Once they’re caught up on payments, you can re-enable the account.

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