Integrate Callingly With Aircall

Callingly connects to your Aircall account, allowing Callingly to see your user's Aircall status and only call them when they are available.

supervisor_account Owners and Admins can enable integrations. Approx. reading time 4 min.

We also recommend checking with Aircall about the user access you need to connect integrations on their side.

Setup the Integration

Connect Callingly to Aircall

Navigate to the Integrations page on the Callingly dashboard.
Hit the Connect button next to the Aircall integration option. This will take you to an Aircall page stating that Callingly wants permission to access your call information.

Click the Authorize button to continue the setup. The next page will ask you to select the numbers you’d like to use with Callingly.

You’ll first see Aircall's login page if you're not logged in.
Hit the add_circleAdd numbers button to create a new window with a list of your numbers.

Select the Aircall numbers you’d like to use with Callingly. This can be one, many, or all of your Aircall numbers.

Tip: We suggest starting with one and adding others once you’re more familiar with how Callingly will work with Aircall.
Click the Confirm button once you’ve selected the numbers you want. The pop-up will close, and you’ll see a summary of your chosen numbers.
Smash the Add numbers button to complete the setup. You’ll be taken back to Callingly and a notification will appear informing you that the connection was successful.
Important: The number(s) you choose need to have the Welcome message turned on in Aircall. This enables Callingly to dial the extension for each individual user. The steps below help do this.

Assign phone numbers to your users

You must configure every Callingly User with their Aircall Number and Aircall User for them to receive and send calls through Aircall. This can all be set up on the Users page of your Callingly account.

Click the editEdit button next to the name of the User you’d like to work with.

Type the User’s Aircall phone number and extension in the boxes labeled Phone Number and Extension.

Note: The Aircall extension is always a three-digit number and can be found in the General User Settings for each user in Aircall.
Select the Aircall user that matches this Callingly User from the dropdown menu titled Aircall User.
Click the Save button to save your changes.
Repeat for every User in your Callingly account.

Turn on the Aircall welcome message

For Callingly to have time to call your User’s extension, you’ll need to have the Welcome Message turned on for each phone number that you’re using with Callingly. You can do this from the Numbers page of your Aircall account.

Click the number you’d like to work with.
Click the editPencil button next to the phrase Welcome message under the Open path for what happens when a call comes in. A pop-up will appear so you can choose your settings.
Fill out the form as you see fit.
Flip On the toggle next to Play this message at the beginning of the call. This will enable the Confirm button so that you can save your changes.
Click Confirm to save the changes and turn on the Welcome Message.
Your integration is now set up!

Now, when a new lead comes into Callingly, the following will happen:

  • Callingly will route the lead to a Team and start calling the Users based on their settings and schedule.
  • Each User will receive an inbound call on their Aircall extension.
  • When the User picks up, they will hear the Callingly Whispertext giving the Lead’s information.
  • To accept the call, they’ll press 1.
  • The inbound call will hang up.
  • An outbound call to the Lead will immediately be triggered from the Aircall User that accepted the Lead.
  • After the call is finished, the call details and recording will be synced to Callingly.
Note: You'll still need to integrate Callingly with your lead source software for leads to come into Callingly.

Add More Numbers

If your integration is already set up and you need to add more numbers for use in Callingly, this can be accomplished in a few easy steps. From inside of your Aircall account:

Navigate to the Integrations & API page.
Click the Callingly integration. You’ll be taken to a page summarizing the numbers you have using Callingly.
Click the add_circleAdd numbers button to bring up a new window with a list of your numbers.
Select the extra numbers you’d like to use with Callingly. This can be one, many, or all of your Aircall numbers.
Click the Confirm button once you’ve selected the numbers you want. The pop-up will close, taking you back to the summary page.


In the Callingly Team settings, assign the Lead’s phone number as the dispatch number. This way, when Callingly calls Aircall, it will use the Lead’s phone number, allowing your integrated CRM to pull up the Lead’s information. 

Common Questions

Can we have one number in Aircall that Callingly calls, that routes to several our users?

While it is possible, we don't recommend this. If you do this, Callingly can't track which user is answering which call. Additionally, that number can only be on one call at a time. We recommend using extension to make sure Callingly can dial each Aircall user individually.

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