Integrate Callingly With Jotform

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Callingly connects to your Jotform account, instantly triggering calls when a new lead submits their info through a Jotform web form.

supervisor_account Owners and Admins can enable integrations. Approx. reading time 2 min.

We also recommend checking with Jotform about the user access you need to connect integrations on their side.

Connect and Configure Callingly

Navigate to the Integrations page on the Callingly dashboard.
Hit the Connect button next to the Jotform integration option. You’ll be redirected to a Jotform page.

Choose to Select a Form or Create a Form depending on your particular needs. We will Select a Form since we already have a form designed to collect our lead information. If you choose to Create a Form, you’ll be immediately redirected to the Jotform Integrations page to finish the setup. Skip to step 6.

Note: You need to be logged into your Jotform account to see your existing forms or create a new form that will save to your account. If you aren't logged in, do so before connecting Callingly.
Choose the form you want. If you chose to create a form in step three, you’ll be immediately redirected to the Jotform Integrations page to finish the setup. Skip to step 6.
Click Select Form to finish the form selection process. You’ll be redirected to the Jotform Integrations page to complete the setup.
Select the Authenticate button on the Jotform integration page that requests authentication confirmation. A Callingly window will pop up.
Press Authorize on the Callingly pop-up. The window will close, so you’ll be back in Jotform.
Select a team from the appropriate drop-down menu. This is the Callingly team that will be called when a new lead submits information through this Jotform.

Choose the field in your form that contains the lead’s phone number from the appropriate dropdown. This ensures the lead’s phone number passes correctly through to Callingly, rather than some other information.

Tip: The phone number is the only required field, but if you’d like to pass on other information, you can. Click the + ADD NEW FIELD button, choose the Callingly field you’d like to populate, and the corresponding Jotform field containing the relevant information. We recommend including first and last names and company information at a minimum.
Press the Complete Integration button when you’re finished. When the integration is ready, the screen will change to let you know!

Test Your Integration

It’s always a good idea to test the integration to ensure everything works as you intend. You can do this from inside Jotform.

Click the Form Builder dropdown found to the right of the Jotform logo.
Select View Form. The form will open in a new window.

Fill in some information for your fake lead.

Important: Ensure the same lead doesn’t exist in your Callingly account. If the same fake information already exists, delete them from Callingly before continuing.
Click Submit to submit the form. Back in Callingly, you should be prompted with a new inbound lead within a few moments.

That’s it! Every time a new lead submits their details through your Jotform, the info will come into Callingly and queue up in the outbound call flow.

Common Questions

How do I route leads to multiple Teams?

Connect Callingly to another form inside your Jotform account, and choose a different Team to connect with. 

Note: Each form can only connect with one team. To route leads based on location, you’ll need to devise a workaround. One idea is presenting different forms based on the location of the user's IP address.

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