Using & Creating Fields

Callingly provides default information fields for leads. The Custom Fields feature allows you to give your users even more information about a lead. This article will discuss the default fields and teach you how to create and use custom fields.

supervisor_accountOwners and Admins can edit and create fields. Approx. reading time 3 min.

Default Fields

Callingly provides nine default fields of lead information. Below is a table of each field, its Whispertext Keyword, and a more detailed explanation.

Field Name Whispertext Keyword Description
First Name {{first_name}} The lead's first name
Last Name {{last_name}} The lead’s last name
Phone Number {{phone_number}} The lead’s phone number, including country code
Email {{email}} The lead’s email address
Company {{company}} The name of the company the lead is associated with
Category {{category}} The category you’ve provided for the lead. In a paper company, this could be the type of business, such as a book publisher or school. Or the type of insurance a lead needs from an insurance company, such as boat, travel, or homeowner.
Comments {{comments}} Any comments made by Callingly users about the Lead.
Lead Source {{lead_source}} The Integration where the lead came from. Callingly automatically sets the source after the lead comes in.
Contact Attempts {{attempt}} The number of times Callingly has attempted to contact the lead without success.
Last Note {{last_note}} The most recent note left by a User on the Lead’s profile.

Creating Custom Fields

You may find that Callingly doesn’t offer enough default fields for your needs or that you have no use for some fields but need others. While you can’t change the names of any of the default fields, you can add as many custom fields as you’d like.

To add a new field from your Callingly dashboard:

Click Settings in the left side menu.
Select the Fields tab on the Settings page.
Click the Add Field button in the top right corner of the page.
Enter a name for your field. Be descriptive, so your Users understand how to use this field for their leads.
Click the Save button to save your changes.
Repeat steps 1–5 for every Field you want to add. These fields will now appear under the profile of any of your leads.

Populating Fields

You can populate fields manually from the profile of an individual lead or through your integration. Below we provide two examples of how Fields are populated through integrations.

Populating fields through Zapier

When connecting Zapier to Callingly, you’ll go through the steps to set up your Trigger event as outlined in our Zapier article. When setting the Action event, match the data from your Trigger app with the list of fields Zapier pulls in from Callingly in the Set up action step.


Michael Scott with Dunder Mifflin Paper Company has added the fields Paper Type and Paper Weight. When creating the Action for a Zap, we’re presented with the Set up action step. Besides the default Callingly fields, Zapier has pulled in Michael’s two custom fields. You can see this in the below image.

Populating fields through a CRM integration

While setting up an integration, you’re asked to choose some settings. Each integration provides a Lead Fields setting where all the fields appear.

In this area, you can select which fields from your integration match your Callingly Fields. The below image shows an example of this for the HubSpot integration. You can find more detailed instructions in each of the integration-specific articles.

Using Fields

Once populated, you can use fields to provide information to your users through a Whispertext. You can also use fields with our API to pass data back and forth to a platform with which we are not integrated, such as your custom CRM. You can find more information about both in our Understanding Whispertext and API guides.

Common Questions

How can my Users make use of fields?

Default and custom fields all appear on the profile of a Lead. Users see these when they access a Lead’s information, getting better insight into the lead before calling them.

We recommend using these fields in your Whispertexts, so the user can hear the info right before connecting with a lead.

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