Integrate Callingly With Wise Agent

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Callingly automatically connects to your Wise Agent account, allowing you to instantly trigger calls to your leads using lead rules and categories in Wise Agent. The call results and recording are then synced back to Wise Agent.

supervisor_account Owners and Admins can enable integrations. Approx. reading time 5 min

We also recommend that you check with Wise Agent regarding the user access you need to connect integrations on their side.

Connect Callingly to Wise Agent

Navigate to the Integrations page of your Callingly account.
Hit the Connect button next to the Wise Agent integration. This will cause a panel to slide open on the right side of the screen.

Copy and paste your Wise Agent API Key into the appropriate text box. Click here to find your Wise Agent API Key.

Click the Install button after adding the API key. Callingly will do the rest!

Setup Categories and Settings

Now that your integration is installed, you can set up a few options. This is where you can also change options in the future.

To locate these, click Settings next to the Wise Agent integration in Callingly.


The name of your integration. If using multiple instances of an integration with the same app, it's a good idea to change this to something more descriptive.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Text input box Up to 250 alphanumeric characters Wise Agent


Leads sent to this integration will be routed to this team.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Dropdown menu Each team in your account Primary team
Note: All of your call settings, routing, and retries are set up on the Teams page for each team.

Category That Starts Call

Adding this Category to a contact in Wise Agent will start a call.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Text input box Up to 250 alphanumeric characters Callingly - Start Call
Note: This category is added to your Contact via a Wise Agent lead rule.

Category That Stops Call

Adding this category to a contact in Wise Agent will cancel any scheduled calls. This could be through an automation or done manually in Wise Agent.

Input Type Options Default Setting
N/A This field is not editable Callingly - Stop Calls

Sync Lead Owner to Wise Agent

Sync the Lead Owner info in Callingly back to Wise Agent if it is changed either manually or automatically after a User is connected with a Lead for the first time.

Input Type Options Default Setting
Two-way toggle On and Off On
Note: If you turn this field on, you'll want to ensure that each User is associated with their correct Wise Agent account under their Callingly user profile. More on this below.

Field Mapping

The field names in Callingly correspond to the fields associated with Contact records in Wise Agent. You'll select the appropriate field from the dropdown menu based on the information you're using in Wise Agent.

Callingly Field Name Default Wise Agent Field Used
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
First Name
Last Name
Mobile Phone
Don't forget to save your changes when you're finished!

Configure Wise Agent

To automatically call new leads as soon as they come into your Wise Agent account, we recommend creating a lead rule that automatically adds the category you've chosen to use in the  Category That Starts Call setting above to new contacts coming from the lead sources you'd like to call immediately.

You can add and edit Lead Rules in Wise Agent here.

Click the pencil icon next to each lead source you'd like to edit and under the Rule tab in the Add to Categories section you can select the Callingly - Start Call category, then hit Save.

Syncing Lead Owner

If you opt to have your Lead Owners synced between Callingly and Wise Agent, you'll need to go into each User's Callingly profile and select their Wise Agent User account.

To do this, from your Callingly dashboard:

Go to the  Users page of your Callingly account.
Click the editEdit button for the User you want to change.
Select the correct user via the drop down menu under the Wise Agent User heading.

Next steps

  1. Test the integration by creating a new fake lead in your Wise Agent account. This should automatically call Callingly, which will route the phone call to the phone number you provided when you signed up for your trial.
  2. Create your Team. Right now, you're the only one who will receive calls through Callingly — that's no good! Create your Callingly Team so they can start answering calls.
  3. Set the Call Schedule. Once you've added your Team, you'll want to set the Schedule for when they can receive calls. This way, nobody will receive a call outside of work hours.


Use Wise Agent and Callingly with multiple teams.

It's possible to have different teams in Callingly that automatically call different leads from Wise Agent. To do this, you'll simply create multiple instances of the Wise Agent integration on the Callingly integrations page.

After creating a new instance of the integration, you will then need to create a unique action plan using a unique category and assign a unique team

Common questions

How do I ensure the correct fields are synced between Wise Agent and Callingly?

On the Integrations page in Callingly, you can select the fields from Wise Agent that match the Callingly fields. Simply choose the appropriate item for Wise Agent from the dropdown menu for each Callingly field. We provide more detail about this in the field mapping section above.

How do I stop any further calls if a User contacts a Lead outside of Callingly?

Create a category in Wise Agent as outlined under the Stop Call Category section above. If you want to stop a lead from being called, add that category to the lead in Wise Agent.

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