Using Callingly's Mobile App

Callingly's mobile app allows you to take and make phone calls through your phone using Callingly as a VoIP system without the need to have calls come through your cell phone provider.

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Download and Install The App

You can download the Callingly app directly from your phone's app store by clicking the link relevant for your phone type.

Note: You'll need to click the relevant link above to download the app, as Callingly will not come up in search results in either store.

After installing the app, set it up following the directions relevant for your phone:


Open the app and login to your account. a pop-up will appear asking for permission to record audio.
Make a choice regarding audio recording. Ideally, you want to choose While using the app. A second pop-up will appear requesting permission to make and manage phone calls.
Make a choice regarding permission to make and manage phone calls. You'll need to grant permission here, or the Callingly app won't work.


Open the app and login to your account. A pop-up will appear asking for approval to send notifications.
Make a choice regarding notification allowance.
Caution: You need to choose to either Allow or Allow in Scheduled Summary in order to receive calls through the Callingly app. If you choose Don't Allow, an alert will appear requesting that you turn on notifications in the app settings.
Make a test call from the app. This will prompt your iPhone to request permission to access the microphone. You'll need to grant this permission in order for your lead to be able to hear you when they call in.

Receiving A Lead

When lead information comes in, you'll receive a call to the Callingly app on your phone. When the call comes in, you'll answer it in the same way you would answer a phone call.

After speaking with the lead, provide a call result in app, the same as you would on the Callingly website.

Common questions

Why can't my lead hear me?

Most likely, you need to grant the app permission to use your phone's microphone. If you're already on a call, pop over to the app where you should see a prompt asking you for microphone permissions. Grant permissions. Otherwise, check your system sound settings to be sure that the sound is set to come from the expected device, such as your headset.

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