Managing Leads

The leads page of your Callingly account provides a high-level overview of all the leads you've received to Callingly. Here you can see a variety of information such as status and call results, as well as update and manage information relevant to each lead.

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Reviewing Lead Information

The leads page of your Callingly account provides a high-level overview of all the leads you've received to Callingly. Here you can see:

  • Status. The status is automatically determined by Callingly and set as one of the following
    • Called / Called x # Callingly successfully rang the Team, a User accepted the call, and a call was made to the lead.
    • Not Called Callingly rang the Team, but none of the Users accepted the call, so the call was not made to the lead.
    • Error The lead came in through the integration, but an error caused the call attempt to fail. The specific error is given in the Call History.
  • Result. The result of the call is with automatically detected by Callingly or is chosen by the User during the post-call disposition. The result is one of 5 options. Any tags given to the lead will also appear here:
    • Unknown Callingly couldn't detect the result of the call.
    • Contacted Callingly detected that the call was answered by the lead or the User chose to disposition the call this way after contact was made.
    • Voicemail Callingly detected that the voicemail box of the lead answered the call or the User chose to disposition the call this way after hanging up.
    • Missed Callingly detected that the lead never answered or the User dispositioned the call this way after hanging up.
    • Removed Either the lead worked it's way through the call flow without ever being contacted, or the User dispositioned the lead this way because the lead is of no value, thus removing them from the call flow.
  • Name & Company. The lead's name and the company they belong to.
  • Phone Number. The lead's phone number.
  • Created. The date the lead was created.

Sorting Through Leads

You can search for a specific lead using the Search box or sort through leads. The table allows you to sort through by the following options:

Status All Status
Not Called
Result All Results
Tag All Tags
Each tag in your account
Stage All Stages
Each stage in your account
Team All Teams
Each team in your account
Lead All Leads
My Leads
Date Today
Last 7 Days
Last 30 Days
This Month
Last Month
This Year
All Time
Custom (enter the desired date range with the calendar)

Additionally, from this table, you can select numerous leads at once and add a tag or set the stage in bulk by using the Actions dropdown.

Working With Leads

From the main Leads page, you can take several actions for each lead, including Calling, Deleting, or Editing the lead.


If you'd like to immediately initiate or schedule a call with a specific lead, locate them on the leads page

Click the callCall  button to the right of the lead.
Choose to start the call Immediately  or At A Scheduled Time. If choosing a scheduled time, select the date and time when the selection box appears.
Select the Team who should make the call from the dropdown.
Check or Uncheck  the All Users box to determine if Callingly should send the call to all users on the Team or only one. If unchecking the box, proceed to step 5.
Select the desired User from the dropdown menu.
Click the Schedule Call button.

If you chose to start the call immediately, the call will ring to the selected Team or User immediately. If you chose to schedule the call for a future time, Callingly will automatically initiate the call at the chosen time.


To delete a lead, simply  click the red deletetrash can icon next to the lead you'd like to delete. A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation. Click OK to completely delete the lead.


The main lead page is also where you'll go if you'd like to edit a lead's information. To do so, click the Edit button next to the name of the lead you'd like to change. This will take you to a new page.

On the individual lead page, you'll find a few different boxes with various information, most of which can be changed.

Status / Result / Stage

The first box you'll find gives the lead's current status, result, stage, and tags. You can change any of the first three by selecting a new value from the dropdown.

Note: If you pick a combination that doesn't work together, the system will automatically change the other settings to match. For example, if you select the stage Not Interested Callingly will automatically change the status to Called and the Result to Contacted.

To add tags, select the desired tag from the dropdown menu and click the Add button. To remove a tag, hit the X on the tag.


The notes section is where you can add a note about a call, email, or other information related to this lead. Simply type the note in the box and smash the Add button. The note will be added, including your name and a date stamp.

Lead info

The third box on this page includes information related to the lead, such as their first and last name, phone number, email, company, category, source, timezone, the lead owner, the assigned team, and any comments.

You can change any of the variables in this section, save for the source. That is automatically assigned based on the integration that the lead came from.

If you do make changes here, remember to hit the Save button.

Call History

The final box on this page is the call history. It includes every attempted call to the lead, when it happened, the status, a recording, and who made the call. You can view more details about each call by clicking the View button.

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